The World is Different… Start Marketing like it.

First there were “Mad Men”, with long advertisements trying to convince you to buy their products…

Products like cars, shaving materials, cigarettes and Palmolive.were explained in beautiful prose 1000 words at a time.

People were talked at.

Then the world got faster, and ads got shorter.

We were still being spoken to, but it became all about the influencer. Suddenly it became important to impress these honchos so that they would share their experiences and opinions to the rest of the world.

Suddenly you liked Lean Pockets because David Hasslehoff liked Lean Pockets and the restaurant critic that showed up at your restaurant could make or break you.

We were still being talked at, just more “important” more “honest” people were doing it.

Then the internet flourished and so did we. We created review sites, and blogs where WE wrote thousands of words about why we liked a product. If we were too lazy to do that, we wrote 140 characters about it.

We held the world of marketing by the balls. It became about our words, and we started to speak to companies.

So how does a marketer react?

More words? More Ads? More Colors? More celebrity endorsements?
…Not if they want to survive.

So how do we start marketing to a world that’s so… different?

We start to ask to questions.
We listen to the answers.

We throw away all we know about branding & advertising / blackhat & whitehat.

We hypothesize. We look at data.
We never do things the same way twice.

We throw away the formula.

We learn,
and learn
and learn some more.

But most importantly…


We Think Like a User.*





*… because at the end of the day.. we are one too.





Questions? Comments?