#TLE2014 Cheat Sheet – 6 Ways to Convert Using Persuasion

As promised, here’s the #TLE2014 Cheat sheet** for my talk on 6 Ways to Use Persuasion to Convert!

Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion

In 1984 Robert Cialdini wrote the book Influence. In the book he listed off six persuasion principles.

In the next few sections you will learn a bit more about each of the 6 persuasion techniques along with examples, and additional resources for even more fun stuff!


Definition: This is the idea that when someone gives you something, you feel obligated to return the favor.


1) Moving your friends

Moving Your Friends - Reciprocity

2) Free Trials

Free Trial - Reciprocity

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Consistency & Commitment

The consistency & commitment principle, according to Cialdini asserts that people are more likely to honor a commitment if it matches their self image.


1) Udemy

Udemy - Commitment

If you choose a Boss they will send you regular check-ins answering two questions:

  • What have you accomplished?
  • What do you aim to accomplish and by when?

2) Goodreads

Goodreads - Commitment

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Social Proof

Definition: We are wired to do things because others do them.


1) Buffalo Jump

Buffalo Jump

wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_jump

2) Highway Traffic


3) Informercials

Social Proof - Infomercials

4) Shopify’s examples page:

Shopify - Testimonials

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Definition: We buy from people we like!


1) Avon

Avon - liking


2) Ellen & CoverGirl

Ellen - Likeable



3) Shopify

Shopify - Liking

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Definition: Credible people persuade us. They can be credible because of celebrity, wealth, knowledge, rank etc.


Southpark - Authority

Authority - Lil Jon

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Definition: A persuasion technique used to build a sense of urgency (ie: limited time offer, expiry date, etc.)


scarcity - candy crush 

Scarcity - Groupon

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So what was the point?!

The only way we’re going to learn how to be persuasive is to admit that we’re being persuaded ALL the time!

Beyond that, taking note of what persuades us and testing those same principles will give you some amazing ideas on new items to test.

Some additional reads:

  1. ConversionXL’s Post on how to use Cialdini’s 6 principles
  2. ANYTHING by the Web Psychologist

** Want to know why I created this Cheat Sheet? Taking notes doesn’t work!

So what do you think?

1)     When was the last time you were persuaded?

2)     Which principle was working in the background?

3)     How you can you use it help you convert better?

4)     What test will you start as a result?

Want a PDF version? - Download Here.

Questions? Comments?