Why that Pink Dinosaur was a Genius: Using Likeability to Persuade

i love you you love me with barney

 When you think about it – Barney is actually brilliant.

Seriously.. hear me out.

At the end of every show Barney made kids gather round and proclaim their love to him. He then reciprocated it back.

In his “liking” principle, Cialdini explains that people are persuaded or buy from people they like.

This isn’t old news. We were doing this back around 1950 when Earl Tupper introduced his popular Poly T products (known to you as Tupperware). Back then one of Tupper’s saleswomen Brownie Wise seemed to be selling more than anyone else. A recent divorcee and someone with no previous sales experience, learned that a home party was best way to sell products.

This idea led her to be promoted to President of Marketing in 1951. (Go Brownie!)

If for some reason you have never heard of a Tupperware party or want to watch a really sweet vintage commercial then check out this video:


Where is likeability used on the web? #Avinash


Likeability - Persuasion - Avinash

Someone who I think encompasses all that is “likeable” on the web is Avinash Kaushik. His transparency, his knowledge and most of all his humor are all elements that make him one of the most likeable and delightful men on the internet.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

Having a celebrity endorsement or charismatic spokesperson is one thing – but being likeable can be found in the tone of your marketing materials or your company personality as a whole.

How can you tell if a company is likeable? Take this test!

Which is more likeable the logo to the left or to the right… why?


likeability test - IBM       vs.    Likeability test - Apple

LIkeability test - Virgin Airlines  vs. LIkeability - American Airlines


Which are more likeable for you? Why?

Lil’ Exercise:

1) List some of your favorite brands in one column, and 3 adjectives that describes them on another. In the third column, ask yourself why?

2) How can your brand do the same?

3) Come up with at least 4 new tests using likeability

Comment below with some of your answers!

Questions? Comments?